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St. Mary of the Hills

Vestry Minutes


February 21, 2017


Vestry members present: Amanda White, Judy Gloster, Orian Carter, Mike Miller, Lynn Searfoss, Mary Galke, and Paul McGill


Vestry members absent: Dick Kitchell, Emily Furr, Ryan Postlethwait, Bill Devereux, and Van Joffrion


Others present: Lynn Coulthard, Sterling Hutcheson, Chip Myers, Bob Miller, and Greta Wilson


Judy Gloster, Sr. Warden, opened the meeting with a prayer.


The Amended Minutes of the December 2016 meeting were unanimously approved upon a motion by Mary Galke and a second by Paul McGill. Then the January minutes were unanimously approved upon a motion by Amanda White and a second by Mike Miller.


Friends of Music Committee: Sterling Hutcheson, chair of the FOM committee, gave a report about the committee: its history, its inception, its purpose, its accomplishments, its goals, and its importance to our church and our community.  He summarized a written report which is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof.


Creative Peacemakers Center:  Lynn Coulthard, director of the center, gave an update on the events at the center and also gave a financial report.  See the attached hand out provided by Lynn, which is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof. Judy Gloster asked the vestry to begin thinking about how the church can help with the center.

Treasurers report: Bob Miller went through the February financial report. He referred to the Saint Mary of the Hills financial status report for the end of January. He reported that we have cash available of $47,742 as of February 13th. Pledge payments are over budget by $3652 (15% collected) for the year.  The charitable trust has a balance of approximately $289,881 and the Capital Endowment has a balance of $261,065. Orian Carter moved that the financial report be approved and Paul McGill seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.


Rectors report: Fr. Rick was not present.


Stewardship Report: Chip Myers reported that the goal for 2017 was $410,000 and that currently we are short by about $30,000.  We just got news of a $2500 pledge so we are nearing $385,000. Mike Miller suggested that the vestry needs to start thinking about ways to save money or we may be in for a large shortfall at year’s end. Bob Miller reported that First Citizen’s Bank will extend a line of credit for $20,000 with three signatures.  He said we should go ahead and line it up as a precautionary step.  We don’t have to draw on it if we don’t need it, but we may need it. It was agreed that this should be done. The question of whether or not we are required to get diocesan approval for such a move came up.  It will be looked into.


Senior Warden's report: (1) Pastoral concerns: John MacKenzie is in the hospital; Nick Elksnin has acute leukemia. (2) Judy reported that she and Chip Myers met with Katherine Pope of Overmountain Studios, Inc. about a website design for the church’s website.  They are very excited by what they saw and learned.  The plan is to take Greta to meet with Katherine in the next several weeks. The cost for designing our website would be between $1500-2000.  Paul McGill moved that Judy and Chip move ahead with a contract for the design of a new website with Overmountain Studios, Inc. The cost should be paid out of the Restricted Account titled “Family and Millennial Ministries Development” (7121-12). The motion was seconded by Mary Galke, and it passed unanimously. (3) Garland Myers has made nametags for new vestry members to wear on Sundays. Judy asked for ideas as to how the church can be more user friendly. Judy plans to talk to Sally Page and/or Betsy Williams, chairs of the Newcomer Committee.


Junior Warden’s report: (1) Orian Carter reported that the church library and two downstairs bathrooms located in the hallway have been updated by Ed Springs.  


Other business: Amanda White reminded the vestry that it is responsible for coffee minute on March 12th. She passed around a sign-up sheet for members to volunteer to bring food.


The meeting was adjourned by Judy Gloster.


Respectfully submitted,   

Greta Wilson