We thank Valerie Purcell for taking over as Chalice Director.  We have had a vacancy in this position for quite some time, and we are so pleased that Valerie has agreed to take over.  If you have questions about the schedule or would like to serve in this very meaningful way, please contact Valerie.



 For the 8:00 am service

1st Sundays          Michelle Curry

2nd Sundays          Lynn Searfoss

3rd Sundays          Joe Raulerson

4th Sundays          Jim West

5th Sundays          Michelle Curry and Laura Page


 For the 10:10 am service

1st Sundays           Leslie Billingsley and Cecilia Grasinger

2nd Sundays          Heather Cameron and Mike Miller

3rd Sundays           Valerie and Peter Purcell

4th Sundays           Bill Devereux and one of the following:

                               Cat Carter-3/24

                               Loy McGill-2/24; 4/28; 5/26; 10/27 11/24

                               Roy McCraw-6/23; 7/28; 8/25

                               Valerie Purcell-9/22; 12/22

5th Sundays           Loy McGill and

                                Valerie Purcell-3/31; 12/29

                                Roy McCraw-6/30; 9/29