Tour of Homes


Opening Doors for more than 60 years!

Tour News and Progress

Tour date of Friday, July 26, 2019 is coming fast, or at least it feels that way to the Tour planners and workers.  Here is some ticket information to get into your calendars.

Ed Springs is putting the finishing touches on his sketches of the four Tour homes.  Text describing the the homes is nearly done, so we are soon ready for ticket printing.  Tickets to go through the four homes will be $30, the same as last year.  They will go on sale June first.  Tickets sold on the day of the Tour at the church will go up to $35.  Lunches in the church cafe will remain at $15.  Lunch tickets will be for sale at the church bazaar on the day of the Tour.  Bakery, flower sales and Timeless Treasures tents will be ready for your shopping pleasure. 

Volunteers are welcome to help out.  See Patty Patella or Gale Buchanan to donate your treasures.  See Carolyn Crutcher or Suzanne Miller about the Bakery.  Talk to Charlene Barham about manning ticket sales.  See Mary Galke or Loy McGill to help make lunches.  We will need volunteers to place cases of water in homes(see Bob Finney), and pick up empties for zero waste and clean up committee (Brynn Cleveland and Doug Rhoads).  Don’t forget tent strikers.  See Jim West. 

 “Opening Doors for Over 60 Years” is a wonderful mechanism to raise funds for our Watauga neighbors.  Welcome, one and all!  And many thanks, in advance, for your time and generosity.              

Ron and Radie Armstrong

2019 Tour Chairs