Weekly Epistle - JULY 12, 2018




Opening Doors Gala on Thursday at 6:30 PM.

Adult Christian Formation: Please join us for a study of the book “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson. All are welcome to the class which meets at 9:00 AM on Sunday mornings.

 JULY Centennial Outreach Challenge: This month we are participating in the Pack the School Bus drive. Items needed are: backpacks, shoes, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. and FISHKARS small, medium and large. These are special scissors, which can be found at CVS and Wal-Mart stores.

 The June Centennial Outreach challenge of hygiene products was a smashing success and the items have been distributed to the Women’s Fund of the Blue Ridge. A HUNDRED THANKS to all who participated!   Peace, Gary

 Altar Guild Volunteers needed! The Altar Guild is in real need of seasonal volunteers to help with Wednesday noon Eucharist set up and take down of the altar one day every two weeks.  If you can volunteer some time this summer, please contact Sue Sweeting at 828-406-9376 or

 Episcopal Church Women: Save the date! 2nd Tuesday in August, the 14th, at 6:00 PM. At our next meeting we will welcome Edith Mubanda who will be presenting Bookbags for Children in Uganda.  Bring your favorite pot luck dish and RSVP to or 828-295-9928.

 Discernment Dialogue:  Our journey through transition is well under way with our work well into the self-study stage. This is an exciting and formative time for the parish and everyone needs to help shape the future of our parish. Many of you participated in the Parish Survey (CAT – church assessment tool) that was online, or available in hard copy for those without email or computer access. The results are now being compiled by Holy Cow Consulting and will be shared with the Canon, Discernment Committee and Vestry by a trained interpreter in August. We’ll share the final report from the CAT with the entire parish in late August. The Holy Conversations were held at the end of June. A make-up session for those who could not attend will be available on July 15 at 12:30 immediately following the 10:10 service. The final Holy Conversion will be held in the Barret Room and a lunch will be served. Please RSVP to the church office if you would like to attend.

 Participation in the conversation in addition to completing the CAT provides different insights about the parish, worship, mission, gifts and potential for our congregation in this next chapter of ministry. The Holy Conversations provide a safe space for you to join in community and share your joys, frustrations, passions, hopes and dreams for the parish and next rector. This process of self-reflection and discernment is vital for the Discernment Committee to create two important documents; an Office of Transition Ministry Community Portfolio (OTM) and a Parish Profile. We can only call the right person to guide St. Mary’s forward with your input.

 The rich themes and moving reflections shared during the Holy Conversations will be woven together, along with a short Parish Survey to further determine parish gifts, strengths and goals, to guide the Discernment Committee as it shapes the Parish Profile. The Parish Profile will tell our story - our history, strengths, mission, goals, leadership, gifts -- and describe St. Mary’s next priest as our parishioners have defined him or her. The Profile will be published and on the web site after approval by the Bishop’s office.

 Finally, your Discernment Committee will create an Office of Transition Ministry Portfolio (OTM) to tell St. Mary’s story and advertise the position. This OTM will also be approved by the Canon before posting. With the completion of this step, we will move into the active phase of receiving candidate names, no earlier than the Fall, 2018. All candidates will be vetted by the Bishop’s office before being contacted by the Discernment Committee.

 I’m confident that the quality of information shared on the assessment tools and at the Holy Conversations will result in a descriptive narrative of our parish that clearly illustrates our mission to a potential candidates, and will enable us to call the very best person to shepherd us in our life together. I have no doubt that our collective story will be powerful, our goals clear and our strengths compelling. Thank you for being a part of the vision by sharing your thoughts.

Loy McGill, Discernment Chair
Kyle Ball, Doug Galke, Susie Greene, Marjory Holder, Jane Milner, Chip Monroe, Patty Patella, Tim Silver, Ed Springs


Opening Doors for 60 Years

60th Tour of Homes will be held July 27, 2018

 Our Tour of Homes opens doors to some of Blowing Rock’s most special private homes and offers an opportunity to admire the special features and furnishings that have been cherished by homeowners for generations. Started by the women of the church sixty years ago, the Tour has become a community event that has generated over a million dollars in needed funds for High Country recipients since its inception. All proceeds benefit area non-profits supporting such issues as women, families, food insecurity, educational programming and homelessness.

This year features historic homes, providing a glimpse into old Blowing Rock treasures. In addition to the tour, activities offered at the church will include a $15 lunch provided at the Church Café, a bazaar with baked and savory goods and a tag sale offering unique items. Tour tickets are $30 in advance ($35/ticket the day of) and may be purchased online at, at the church office or the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce.

 For additional information, refer to, or contact Tour chairs, Susie Greene and Loy McGill to volunteer on the day of the Tour.

 Timeless Treasures and Wall of Wine: Timeless Treasures would like to thank everyone who has donated items. We are so grateful for the wonderful response. We are now full and do not need any more donations. Thank you again.  Timeless Treasure Team

We still need bottles of wine for the WALL OF WINE! This is an enjoyable part of TIMELESS TREASURES on the TOUR DAY!! Contact Mary Ellen Raulerson at 828-295-0678 with questions.


Baked Goods "Pack and Wrap" day

Please join us Thursday, July 26th in the Parish Hall starting at 9:30 AM  to begin packing/wrapping all of the

delicious baked goods our bakers are providing. Wrapping stations will be set up, so

you only need to bring your creative talents.

Baked Goods Drop Off

There is a table in front of the fireplace in the Parish Hall marked

"Bake Sale" to place your baked items. Items may be brought to the church beginning Wednesday through 10:00 AM Thursday, July 26th. Please no items that need refrigeration, as there is no way to keep items cool on the church lawn.

 Bake Sale on Tour Day

We would greatly appreciate some strong hands to help move the tables of wrapped goods

onto the lawn at 7:30 am on Friday morning. It only takes about 4 - 6 people about 30 minutes to move out to the lawn where another team will be ready to display the items.

 Thank you in advance for all your baking assistance.

Please see Robert Kling or Tom Veale with any questions or contact us at



 07/17: Vestry meeting at 5:30 PM

 07/21: Wedding of Pete Biles and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Longo at 5:00 PM

 07/22: Organ recital by Ben Outen, Christ Church, Charlotte at 3:00 PM and

           Evensong at 3:30 PM (Incense will be used.)

 07/26: Holy Eucharist and Men’s breakfast at 7:30 AM

 07/27: Tour of Homes



Sunday,  July 15-The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

8:00   AM   Holy Eucharist

9:00   AM   Adult Christian Formation

10:10 AM   Holy Eucharist

12:30   PM   Holy Conversation Make-up Lunch in Barrett Room

Monday,  July 16

8:30   AM   Morning Prayer and Daily Word

6:30   PM   AA and Al-anon meetings

Tuesday,  July 17

8:30   AM   Morning Prayer and Daily Word

5:30   PM   Vestry meeting

Wednesday,  July 18

8:30   AM  Morning Prayer and Daily Word

12:00 PM   Noon Eucharist

5:45   PM   Loss Beyond Loss meeting in the St. Mary room

6:30   PM   AA meeting

Thursday,  July 19

8:30  AM   Morning Prayer and Daily Word

Friday,  July 20

8:30  AM   Office open

12:30 PM   Office closes

5:00   PM   Wedding rehearsal for Elizabeth Longo and Pete Biles

Saturday, July 21

5:00  PM    Wedding of Elizabeth Longo and Pete Biles

Sunday,  July 22-The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

8:00   AM   Holy Eucharist

9:00   AM   Adult Christian Formation

10:10 AM   Holy Eucharist

3:00   PM   Organ recital by Ben Outen, Christ Church, Charlotte

3:30   PM   Solemn Evensong with incense