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Palm Sunday in the Mary Garden

       Palm Sunday in the Mary Garden


Vacation Bible School - 2018



          Ranger Andy         Wilderness Games - find the resources the bear needs!


                    You need bug spray!         Thank You bags for the Blowing Rock officers


Holy Conversations


Just the right number of cooks in the kitchen!         Loy McGill, Discernment Chair


Where is the Holy Spirit Guiding us?               Summarizing the discussion


Blessing of the Animals 2018 [Fr. Sam]


       Blessing of the Animals            A face any mother could love    Getting a boost from Sis!       


Lots of wagging tails!               Scoping out the social Possibilities!


Greening the Church - 2018


      Greening the church                            Getting ready to trim the tree

 Christmas Pageant - 2018


'...with wise men and farmers and shepherds and all...'


St. Patrick's Day, 2019

with our Jr. Crucifer

Flower Guild workshop


 How to turn buckets of Spring flowers and greenery into something fabulous!

 2019 Tour of Homes - a Great Success!


Getting ready for the bake sale!           If you welcome them, they will come!

Blessing of the Animals - 2019 (Fr. Andrew)


ECW Welcome Tea for Amanda and Eleanor -

Fabulous food, lovely conversations, and and small tables for the Little Ones!