Members of the Vestry are spiritual leaders committed to building up the Body of Christ to be an effective instrument of mission and ministry in the world. Serving on the Vestry is a commitment of time, energy, and heart.

Vestry persons are elected for staggered three-year terms to represent the parish membership in temporal matters and to make wise and prayerful decisions concerning the life and ministry of the congregation.


In February 2022, the Vestry of St. Mary of the Hills adopted a Vestry Covenant, reflecting the values and intentions desired to guide and govern our common life and work.  You can read the Covenant by clicking on the image below.  

Vestry Covenant


St. Mary of the Hills 2022 Vestry


2023 2024 2025
Marjory Holder Leslie Billingsley Mike Austell
Faith Jones Joe Doswell Michelle Curry
Patty Patella Buddy Fore Burt Mulford
Chip Monroe, Sr. Warden Bob Finney, Jr. Warden Sue Sweeting


Amanda White, Treasurer

Elizabeth Sudderth, Clerk

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