Vestry Meetings

St. Mary of the Hills

Vestry Minutes


June 20, 2017


Vestry members present: Judy Gloster, Mary Galke, Amanda White, Dick Kitchell, Emily Furr, Paul McGill, Bill Devereux, Mike Miller, Orian Carter, Van Joffrion, Lynn Searfoss


Vestry members absent:  Ryan Postlethwait


Others present: Fr. Rick, Fr. Sam, Chip Myers, Bob Miller, Greta Wilson, and Rick Vaughn


Fr. Rick opened the meeting with a prayer.


Father Rick welcomed Rick Vaughn. Mike Miller moved to give Rick Vaughn voice during the meeting and Bill Devereux seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.


Amanda White moved that the minutes of the May meeting and the Special Meeting on June 5th be approved and Paul McGill seconded the motion which passed by unanimous consent.


Fr. Rick reported that Chip Myers and Loy McGill have agreed to co-chair the Stewardship Committee again for the upcoming year.  Chip Myers stated that they would like to begin the campaign prior to Fr. Rick’s retirement so it will begin right after the Tour of Homes.

Treasurer’s report: Bob Miller went through the May financial report. He referred to the Saint Mary of the Hills Financial Status report for the end of May. See the report for details as it is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof. Orian Carter stated that the figure of $10,086 for the line titled “Over/under budgeted pledges” on the St. Mary of the Hills Financial Status was incorrect and should be $4005.09.   Bill Devereux moved to approve the Amended Treasurer’s Report and Amanda White seconded the motion which carried unanimously. 


Rector’s report: (1) Fr. Rick asked Orian Carter to report on the status of the internal audit.  Orian stated that Jim Runyon has been engaged to do the internal Audit for 2015 and 2016.  Mr. Runyon has sent an information request for the Parish Administrator and the Financial Secretary to complete. Roy McCraw has been asked to spear head the project. (2) Fr. Rick has asked two people to serve on the Nominating Committee and is awaiting a response from them. Van Joffrion announced that he and Margaret are going to retire at Deerfield Assisted Living next year and asked if it would be best for him to resign so the Nominating Committee could find a replacement to nominate for his seat. He will probably resign next summer, but could go on and do so and that way a new member could be elected at the same time as the slate is voted on.  Fr. Rick asked that Van speak with him about the matter. (3) Fr. Rick presented the estimate for the new wooden plague naming Bishop José McGloughlin as our bishop and replacing Porter Taylor’s name. This will be mounted on the large wooden sign on the front lawn.  Another plaque will need to be ordered and mounted when a new rector is called. It will cost approx. $480.00 if it’s made of cedar which the old one was. The other materials would be cheaper. The estimate is attached to the minutes. The sign will be paid for out of the Capital Improvements Holding Account (7129-00). Orian moved that the vestry approve the new sign and that it be out of cedar, and Paul McGill seconded the motion. It passed by unanimous consent. (4) Pastoral concerns: Pat Fountain is in the Foley Center; Peggy Carlson is home but may go back to Duke next week to meet with her doctors; Nancy Hutcheson is home and expecting a slow recovery; George Schieren is at Baptist in Winston-Salem, and Ira Read has finished his course of chemotherapy.  The hope is that Ira can rebound enough to go home. (5) The Good News Kids program needs to start up for the summer, and Fr. Rick is once again asking the vestry to commit to leading one or more classes on Sunday.  He passed around a sign-up sheet. (6) Robert Kling is resigning as the chair of the Altar Guild, and Eileen Orlowski and Sue Sweeting are going to co-chair the guild. (7) Fr. Rick said there is so much good energy at the church right now.  He feels that everything is going well since he announced his retirement.


Senior Warden’s report: (1) Judy Gloster said that the website project is moving along but that it will take a little while to get all the glitches resolved. She will continue her report after all other business has been conducted.


Junior Warden’s report: Orian Carter reported that he has received a very generous offer from two parishioners who wish to pay to have the stairwell on the Chestnut Drive side painted. They hope to have this completed before the Tour of Homes.


Sr. Warden’s Report cont: Judy Gloster asked Fr. Rick to leave the meeting so the vestry could freely discuss the severance package Fr. Rick has asked for upon his retirement. Originally, he asked for his salary, pension, health insurance and other benefits to be paid by the church through ‘December 31, 2017 but noted that anything the church could do would be helpful. The monthly amount would be approximately $11,000.  Judy stated that the parish members could also contribute to a purse to be presented to him upon his retirement. It was discussed that the members of the church need to be aware of the severance package. After discussion, Dick Kitchell moved that the vestry approve payment of Fr. Rick’s salary and benefits through October 31st, which would give Rick credit for 32 years of service.  Emily Furr seconded the motion which carried unanimously.



The meeting was adjourned by Judy Gloster.


Respectfully submitted,

Greta Wilson